Review Policy

Welcome to Limited Style Blog!

Thank you for stopping by and thinking about letting me review your items. It would mean the world to me. (If I feel it is something that goes with my style) Also, if you are already letting me review your items; I would like to send a huge Thank You!

You can contact me in world by searching Jennna Karsin, or via E-mail (Remember 3 n’s lol!) – If you wish for me to review your products please send me a notecard with detail information about it, also send me an IM so I can look out for what you delivered. I receive a lot of group information when I am not online, so I wouldn’t want to miss your message. Also, if it is a hunt, group gift, promo, anything I need to know, please slide that in the notecard with the item. I am online Monday – Friday till around 1pm (slt). Thank you for wanting me to review your items, and I hope to talk to you soon.

If you would like to ask any question feel free to contact me. I tend to check my E-mail even if I am not online in world.

Thanks again and Please take a look around while you are here.



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