Oliva Button – Toddleedoo Fashion

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Happy Tuesday Everyone!! I hope each and everyone of you is having a fantastic day so far! Do you know any Little’s in your Second Life? If you do, send them here!!

Oliva Button is a new editor here at Limited Style! If you or someone you know loves Toddleedoo be sure you click the follow button at the top of this blog.

Hey everyone!! Oliva here! I am so excited to share my fantastic finds with each and everyone of you. Toddleedoo baby and kid’s are really popular right now! There is nothing cuter than a fashionable 5 year old! I love Kid decor and I love finding new gadgets and gizmos as well. They are super fun to play with!

Stay in touch with me! I love meeting new people!

Add me on PLURK @olivabutton

*Hugs and stuff*

What I’m Wearing:

*Cute Bytes* Toddleedoo kid-girl mesh body

*Cute Bytes* Spring Skin – Toddleedoo KID

*::.Mother Goose.::* Alicia -freckles_LB

*BeciLia* eye lashes

*HollyPop* Cutie Eyes Light – NiteSky Blue

*Magika* Beans hair

*Baby Pie* Starshine Toddleedoo —Includes: Glasses ,Hair bow,Sweater w/ sculpt attachments, Knit leggings, and Cozy boots

A BIG shout-out to Bad Seed for the Bloggers Pose Pack.

Until next time —



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