Rawkin’ Red

Man, I went looking around Alterego today, and just OMG.. can I buy the whole store? It is so awesome and I wish I could just go in and buy everything. Toxxic, you rawk, you know just what to put out and Thank you! You deserve a trophy 🙂

So, I suggest all my lovely readers to head on over to Alterego! Be sure to stop by on Feb 12th!! You will need a group tag to go to the event. To join the Group it is 250L; however, you will get your money back and then some! There is group gifts every Monday, 30min Dollar items, events, and sales! So.. it is worth it I promise!

BlackOut event is scheduled for Feb 12, 2012 – The 1 YR Anniversary for AlterEgo. What is BlackOut? Its a 24 hour sale for the AlterEgo VIPS, must be in the Toxxic Design Studios Group to enter the sim and shop. Discounted storewide, freebies, prizes, giveaways, LIVE DJs, dancing, parrtyy, LIVE video taping & more! Traffic numbers for the last BlackOut were out of this world. They plan on the birthday to much much much bigger. Hope to see ya there!!!!

Skin:  Al Vulo– Polly –  natural claveage sunkissed

Hair: Magika – Brown Pack – Cori – Mirrored – Chew on

Shirt:  Alterego – Rawk Me Top – Red

Pants:  Alterego – deviant pants – zebra – black – New

Necklace: Je Suis – aimee -necklace -short (ZombiePopcorn Hunt)

Piercing: Envi – Lip – Tastey (Retirement Item)


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