Give ’em Coffee

I know must of you guys know I have been going through a lot in RL, so I have been back and forth at the comp for the past week. However, I am managing to come up with new looks. I guess having a billion things already in your inventory kinda helps, haha.

I came up with this outfit, as I was putting everything together I wanted to name my post “Screw ’em with Coffee” but that wouldn’t be very nice, but my Sl Boyfriend did break up with me over the weekend, by offline, then muted me.. so yeah.. Just hasn’t been a good week. ~sighs~ However, this does give me time to add new things to marketplace! Hope you enjoy the look. I had fun putting it together.

Skin:  Al Vulo!- Polly –  natural sunkissed – cleavage

Hair:  Fri.Day – Jasmine.2 – Browns – Moody Brown

Shirt: Needful Things – WINTER MELODY Sweater -coffee – The Coffee Hunt Item

Jeans: R.icielli – ASH jeans/lightblue

Boots:  FIR & MNA – The Orann Boots – Brown – Mesh



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